We like to think that everyone knows about all the fabulous things waiting for them at the library for all of their entertainment, education, and information needs. Yet, we know that our library catalog isn’t the first stop for many people when they are searching for a book or other item. People start their search with Google or other search engines.

Continuing with our tradition as innovators in the library world, and providing information when and how our customers need it, we’re freeing the books - and the movies, music, and all of the other wonderful things the library has to offer! We are proud to announce that we are the first library in Oklahoma to join the Libhub Initiative. We are using Linked Data and a new cataloguing standard (BIBFRAME) to publish our collections to the Open Web, increasing their visibility and closing the huge discovery gap.

We are setting our library resources free on the web, opening our doors to our data to help current and future library users discover the amazing resources the library holds. Through the Library.Link Network, we are publishing our catalog to the web. As you read this, search engines are crawling, indexing, and analyzing those records. This process takes time, but as it progresses, customers can search for a book in their favorite search engine and see our catalog records among the results.

How does it work? Imagine searching for a book in Google. Right along with those hits for Amazon, Goodreads, and Wikipedia, you’ll see a link to the Tulsa Library Linked Catalog at, which will redirect you to our library catalog for that item. Put your credit card away, and check that book out from Tulsa Library!

Here are few examples (Click “Take Me There Now!” or simply wait a moment to be redirected to the specific item in our catalog):

By making our data more visible on the web, we hope that new and existing customers will discover that there is more available from their library than they ever imagined. You can help us increase our findability by sharing links to the Linked Data records above. Happy Searching!